Surfing Bali

Waves for surfers of all levels!


Consistent waves for all surfers

The best part about a surfing holiday to Bali is the variety of world-class spots in a small area. We are located in Bingin, home to one of the most consistent, perfect, barreling waves of Asia. It's a short ride, but it's a perfect barrel. But Bingin at high tide with a smaller swell, gives perfect waves for both beginner and intermediate surfers. The same goes for Padang Padang; a perfect barreling wave on the outside but the inside section produces one of the best waves we have ever seen for consistently perfect, learn to surf-sized waves.

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Swell is perfectly located

Some people rent a scooter to get access to the surf, but when you stay at Swell you could surf a bunch of different Bali surf spots just by walking to them. Bingin, Impossibles and Dreamland are all a short walk from our Surf resort.

If you want to surf Balangan, Padang and Uluwatu, then it's best to either rent a scooter cheaply or ask us to organize a surf guide or surf transport.


Surfing Bali

Every surfers' dream destination

Waves for surfers of all levels with a very small area

Some of the best surf spots in Bali are just minutes from us


Bingin is regarded as one of the most 'machine' like left-hand waves in Indonesia

It's a short ride, but it's all about getting barreled at Bingin. The wave doesn't get super big, but does provide perfect overhead barrels in Bali's prime surf season from March to December. The outside wave is for experienced surfers only, and since the take-off zone is small, it can get hectic and intense, but if you wait your turn, or avoid the crowds by getting up early, you can still get some perfect Bingin barrels on your surf holiday in Bali.

The inside wave at Bingin works well two hours before and after high tide on small and medium size swells, and is a great wave for improving your surfing skills for both beginner and intermediate surfers.

Main Peak


Named so because when it was discovered in the 70’s, access to the waves was very difficult. Access to Impossibles is easy now. You just walk a few minutes from Swell Bali to Bingin beach and start your 5-10 minutes paddle to Impossibles.

Long, fast waves and barrels at Impossibles on small or medium-sized swells, but when it’s big it can hold up to 5 times overhead, with the waves holding their shape perfectly for loads of top and bottom turns

Ideal wave to improve your surfing for intermediate surfers.

Main Peak

Padang Padang

Padang Padang, a surf spot so good they named it twice! Also known as the Indonesian pipeline, just a 5 minute, pleasant scooter ride away from Swell Bali

Padang has 2 different surf spots: the main peak and the inside peak. The outside is for experienced surfers only. It's a fast, barrelling wave over a shallow reef with a small take off zone and an intense, expert crowd when it's on. Padang Padang hosts the annual Rip Curl Padang-Padang Cup.

The inside of Padang Padang is where most surf camps go with their beginner and intermediate surfers, looking to improve their surfing on perfect, consistent left and right-hand waves

Main Peak


Uluwatu is one of the world's most famous waves. Right beneath the sacred Uluwatu Temple, you will find super long waves with incredible consistency. Various sections of this wave offer different types of ride, from fast and barrelling, to big carving walls, to fast sections at the section known as Racetracks. Uluwatu picks up every bit of swell so it's ultra-consistent. Because the wave is so reliable and fun, it does attract a bit of a crowd, but because the area is so large, you will get some waves at Uluwatu. Best for intermediate and expert surfers

Main Peak
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  • “Swell Bali sets a new standard for surfers looking for a super stylish & comfortable place to stay. No more roughing it in insect infected rooms. Stay Right in the Centre of Bingin, at Swell Bali Surf camp with one of the world’s best barrel machines within a couple of minutes walk. Swell Bali is a new type of Surf hotel: The social aspect of a surf camp, with the comforts of a luxury surf hotel.

    Never surfed before? Swell can organize learn to surf lessons for you. Want to discover semi-secret surfing spots of the beaten track: surf guiding can be organized too with our Bali Surf Camp Guides.

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