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Perfect beginner conditions

Surfing in Bali is not just the dream surfing destination for expert surfers. The Bukit In Bali also has ideal learn to surf beaches for people who have never surfed before

Learn to surf In bali with Swell!

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Our Coaches

The Swell bali Surf lessons are given by qualified surf instructors who know the local surf conditions

This means that Swell’s surf coaches have all completed specific training in teaching techniques, including Practical and Theory Lessons, Life Guard Training and CPR/Basic First Aid. As a result, you could not be in safer hands on your Bali surf trip

Beginner or Intermediate

Learning to surf vacation

We have taught 1000's of people the fun sport of surfing in a fun, safe and quick way. One question we get asked a lot is: "Am I too old to learn to surf?" The answer is: No, if you are healthy and can swim then we can teach you how to surf! We have taught lots of people to surf in their 50's and 60's on their surf holiday.

Qualified surf instructors

Bali Surf Guiding

Intermediate surfer and want to surf with a Bali Surf guide? We can help you with the important local bali surf knowledge and where to find the best surf conditions on any given day

Surf theory lessons

Consistent waves

We are located right in the center of Bali's best surfing spots: Bingin on mid to high tide is a great learn to surf beach, and so is Baby Padang Padang. In Bali's rainy season, the white sandy beaches of Nusa Dua are only a short ride away


A typical day of surfing with Swell


* The above is a typical day, however we are always dependent on weather, tide and wave conditions so timings can be subject to change.



Unlike Swell in the Caribbean, where intermediate lessons can be tricky to organize in certain months, Bali is perfect for intermediate surfers, year round. Regarding intermediate surf coaching/lessons: Our partner surf school categorizes surf lessons as beginner, progressive and intermediate. What exactly is an intermediate surfer? Some people would consider themselves to be an intermediate surfer when they have done one or two surf camps before, or had taken a few surf lessons. The truth is, you are at the progressive stage rather than an intermediate surfer, unless you have at least one year of regular surfing (that means surfing every week), can paddle strongly and independently into waves, can already make top and bottom turns and trim/carve the surfboard. Either way, our partner surf school can teach you and help you improve your surfing.


Swell Bali, just like Swell Cabarete, will be one of the few purpose-built Surf & Yoga Retreat / hotels in the world. Designed by renowned architects, Arkana, every care has been taken to create a really comfortable, stylish and enjoyable environment.

When it comes to food, we love to eat good, healthy and tasty organic food, so that is what we serve our clients.

Surf lessons? Our partner surf schools are offering quality surf lessons in a structured manner from surf instructors who have a passion for teaching people how to surf, rather than for surfing themselves.

The Swell Promise to:

  • Provide high quality surf lesson courses for beginners, progressive and intermediate level.
  • Provide our guests with super-comfortable, clean and stylish rooms.
  • Make sure that even though you may arrive alone, you won’t be for long.
  • Serve tasty, fresh home-cooked meals.
  • Have friendly and knowledgable staff.
  • Create a friendly, social and welcoming environment.


The number of students you share your lesson with will be up to you (as long as you book your surf lessons well in advance). Our partner surf school offers one-on-one surf coaching, couples surf coaching, and group surf lessons. The cost of your surf lessons will depend on the size of the group. Please contact us for your personalized quotation. Remember you can choose a 3 lesson mini-course or a 5 lesson surf course.


Yes, our partner surf school can arrange a guide to take you to a suitable surf spot for your level. Our own in-house surf adviser at Swell will let you know the forecast for the week and be around to advise you each day on where you might plan to go surf the next day, what the tides are doing, and whether you should plan to surf morning or afternoon. If you need a driver to take you to your chosen spot, just ask us and we will set it up for you. Prices vary on where you choose to go and the number of people coming along.


Tides change quite dramatically in Bali, meaning that the time of surf lessons will vary from week to week. To be able to surf the best spots in Bali for beginner surfers, we make use of the mid to high tides. Our partner surf school knows where to find the best places for your surf lessons in Bali and they will make sure you are in that location. They will give you a rough schedule for the week and update you on the exact time of each lesson the evening before. You can choose a mini-course of 3 surf lessons or the longer 5 lesson course. You will do one really good surf lesson per day of your course; trust us, it’s enough if you make the right amount of effort during that lesson.


Swell Bali is opening in 2020 in Bingin, Bali.

After being the top rated surf holiday in the Caribbean for over a decade, Jeroen & Clare decided to take the concept of an upscale surf camp to the island of Bali, in Indonesia. We’ve put it all together as if we would be the guests and thought about what we would like in an ideal surf vacation.

Our location has been carefully chosen, right in the heart of the charming surf town of Bingin, in the southern part of Bali, where the best surfing beaches, like Uluwatu, Padang Padang, Impossibles and Bingin are all found. All the above-mentioned surf spots are either a short scooter ride from us, or spots like Bingin, Dreamland and Impossibles can be easily accessed in a 3-minute walk from Swell to the cliff front of Bingin.

Swell Bali is located right in the center of Bingin. Several well-known restaurants, like the Cashew Tree and Casa Asia, serving healthy, organic and tasty food are within a few minutes walk of our front door. Two more restaurants are opening shortly. You will also find Daya surf shop, a laundry and a mini-mart within 70 meters of Swell. Just around the corner, there’s a money exchange and a trip operator to help you get to other islands, or different parts of Bali.

Swell Bali caters for surfers of all levels: From complete beginners with no surfing experience at all, who want to learn to surf, to expert surfers who are in Bali to enjoy world-class spots like Uluwatu and Padang Padang. What sets Swell apart from any other accommodation or surf hotels in Bali is that it combines the social aspect of a surf camp/hostel with the comfort and style of a boutique hotel.

Services such as surf lessons & surf guiding are available for beginners and intermediate surfers who want to progress with their surfing. We will make sure you get to see and surf the best surf spots to fit your ability.
Don’t want to travel with your own surfboard to Bali? No problem, Swell Bali will have a large surfboard rental pool available exclusively for Swell clients. Ranging from 5’6 performance shortboards to 9’2 longboards.

Package pricing is similar to our Swell in the Caribbean: Week long packages will have airport transfers, lodging, breakfasts and a couple of dinners, as well as excursions to the nearby hotspots.

We hope to welcome you to the islands of the gods for an unforgettable Bali Surf Holiday with Swell!


Sorry but we don’t do anything for anyone who is not a guest of Swell, that includes surf lessons and services (transport, board rentals, local knowledge, good vibes & food) are exclusively for Swell guests.


We need quite a lot of time to give you all the info on the Island of Bali and what’s on offer, besides great beginner surf lessons, perfect intermediate surf spots, and world-class waves for you expert surfers. We are making a page which is dedicated to a list of the top 20 things to do in Bali (but like our surf hotel, it’s not quite ready yet). We are fast workers though: For the time being; here’s a shorter list of our Top 20 Bali activities (we have started with the places closest to us).
1. Get barrelled at Bingin beach (sorry, we couldn’t resist!)
2. Learn to Surf (OK, that’s enough surfing for now……)
3. Visit Uluwatu temple, right on the cliff edge and overlooking Temple’s surf break (obviously-named). Stroll around the beautiful grounds and feed the many monkeys who live there. Book for the Fire Dance which takes place at sunset most evenings. It’s a stunning local dance with a story; very entertaining and in a magical setting.
4. Go snorkeling, directly from the beach at Bingin (so many colorful fish!)
5. Have a sunset dinner at El Kabron restaurant (5 minutes drive from Swell) overlooking all the best surf breaks on the Bukit Peninsula. El Kabron has gourmet Spanish food and an amazing setting with a pool overlooking all the surf. Reservations are required in high season.
6. Visit the stunning beach of Uluwatu and go into the Suluban Caves (also check the entrance and exit for the surfers on a large swell at high tide!). That’s just a 10-minute scooter ride from Swell.
7. Enjoy an evening fish BBQ on Bingin beach; you can walk down from Swell and eat the catches of the day.
8. Visit the stunning Green Bowl beach (named for its beautiful green, algae covered rocks). Green Bowl is 25 minutes, really nice scooter ride through uncrowded roads, past local villages and Temples.
9. Visit Pandawa beach; also stunning and about 35 minutes from us.
10. Visit Nyang Nyang beach (you’ve guessed it, another stunning Bukit Peninsula beach). This one is only 15 minutes scooter ride from us.
11. Enjoy a sunset drink and simple food at Sunset Point, Uluwatu (it’s the hip thing to do).
12. Take a drive out to the peaceful, sheer cliff faces over Melasti Beach (close to Green Bowl).
13. Go swimming in the crystal clear water at Thomas Beach (actually, this is the ‘real’ Padang Padang beach), a vast expanse of white sand and azure ocean. Thomas beach is only 10 minutes from Swell by scooter. You can also surf there by the way.
14. Visit baby Padang Padang beach; this one’s very touristy after Julia Roberts filmed Eat, Pray Love on this beach. You can see why it was chosen for the film, blue blue water and stunning rocks. There are almost always monkeys around the beach here so take care with your stuff. We prefer Thomas Beach btw. where, at the Warung (local restaurant) bottom right of the steps, you can eat the best spring rolls in Asia, courtesy of Amril!
15. Go party at Ulu Cliff house (Friday night Dj’s and some big names perform here).
16. Go party at the famous Single Fin bar, overlooking Uluwatu surfing – Sunday nights are a huge party
17. Enjoy a lovely meal at Mana, Uluwatu, one of the newest and best restaurants on the Bukit. Sunset reservations will be required.
18. Go further afield to visit the stunning Water Palace of Balai Gili (about 2.5 hours drive from us). This is a hidden gem of a Royal Palace, not many tourists go and it’s a great way to spend 2 or 3 hours wandering around these gorgeous, lotus-filled gardens and palace buildings.
19. Combine your trip to Balai Gili with a stop on the way to visit Tegenungan Waterfall.
20. Visit the brand new Garuda Wisnu Kencana statue – standing 121 meters tall, this is truly monumental and the 2nd highest statue in the World. You can get to this with a cruisy scooter ride through Dreamland from Swell, in about 20 minutes.
That’s it for now and we’ve left a load of things out which are fun to do: More to come!


Bali’s waves are perfect for learning to surf. There are very good surf schools operating locally and as Swell only works only with the very best surf schools who give professional surf lessons, you will be in very good hands for your learn to surf vacation. Our partner surf schools can give you beginner surf lessons, progressive surf lessons, intermediate surf lessons and advanced surf lessons. They also offer guided surf trips to various locations on the island of Bali and even further afield. Swell will help organize all your surf lessons and surf guiding trips whilst you stay with us at our specialist surf hotel.

What about my age? Am I too old to learn to surf?
Many people are asking us via email;
Can I learn to surf at 40+? Or, I want to learn how to surf at 50 or even 60+ am I too old?
The answer is: You are not too old to learn to surf: If you can swim and are mobile, we can make sure you learn to surf.


Booking a surf trip with Swell Bali is easy:

Check out the various pages on our website, which have a lot of information about what we offer at our surf hotel.
That way, you know exactly what you can expect when you book a trip with us.

We want happy clients at Swell so we try to be as honest and transparent about what we offer. We don’t take photos which make our rooms look bigger or pretend we are something we are not. We don’t make promises we can’t keep because we know how important your surf holiday is for you. If anything is not clear on our website, do send us an email so we can help you make the right decision.

We hope we can welcome you to our place!

Jeroen & Clare (owners, Swell Bali)

    How to book:

  1. Check the different packages on offer on the pricing page to get an idea whether what we offer suits your needs and your budget. We know we are not cheap and we make no excuses for that. Like all things in life, you get what you pay for and Swell may not suit your pocket; it’s OK, we understand and we wish you a great surf vacation wherever you end up staying. We offer private rooms and also a shared room as a cheaper option
  2. If our place looks right for you, send us a quick message with your dates and we get back to you in a few hours to tell you if we have space in the week you asked for (or we can suggest alternative dates). We will also send you a price quote with exactly what’s included in our surf holiday packages.
  3. To reserve your stay at Swell we will require a non-refundable deposit so we can confirm your stay and save one of our rooms for you. If you want the option to cancel, then only book last-minute, when you know you are coming. Payment is done via 128-bit secured external credit card processor (alternative payment options are available, such as PayPal).

If you are staying 5 nights or longer, your stay will include an airport transfer from Denpasar to Swell or from Swell to Denpasar. Once payment is made, we will send you a link to an arrivals form you fill out, so we can make sure our driver picks you up from the airport for a hassle-free start of your surfing vacation. If you are staying less than 5 nights, we can still arrange your collection or drop off from the airport with one of our special drivers; just ask us to include it in your quotation.

If you have any questions, we are here to answer those for you; we want to make sure that you are booking the right surf holiday (even if that means you not staying with us).

When you send us an email we get back to you very quickly (that’s a promise).

Swell does not work with any travel agents, or external sites for our bookings, so all reservations are handled by Clare, the co-owner of Swell.

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  • “Swell Bali sets a new standard for surfers looking for a super stylish & comfortable place to stay. No more roughing it in insect infected rooms. Stay Right in the Centre of Bingin, at Swell Bali Surf camp with one of the world’s best barrel machines within a couple of minutes walk. Swell Bali is a new type of Surf hotel: The social aspect of a surf camp, with the comforts of a luxury surf hotel.

    Never surfed before? Swell can organize learn to surf lessons for you. Want to discover semi-secret surfing spots of the beaten track: surf guiding can be organized too with our Bali Surf Camp Guides.

    Swell Bali: The comforts of a hotel, the vibe of a surf camp!”


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