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Have a question for us?  Before asking, do check carefully on this page as it is very likely the answer is here:  These questions have been compiled after being asked by our guests on a regular basis; that is why we have included them. They are categorised to help you quickly find the answer you are looking for. Have we missed something you need to know? Contact Clare and she will get back to you; more often than not though, you will find the answer you are looking for on this page.

Swell Surf Camp
  • General questions about Bali, Bingin, Swell and the Rooms

  • Is Indonesia a safe country to visit?

    Bali is a safe country to visit and Bingin, where Swell is located, is a cool town with friendly locals and expat surfers & kitesurfers from all over the world who have made Cabarete their home. Like all central-American countries, there can be petty theft, so don’t leave your Iphone on the beach in plain sight when you go for a 2 hour surf or kite session.

  • I am travelling solo, will I be OK?

    70% of our guests arrive at Swell as solo travelers and leave us having made a lot of new friends. In truth, staying at Swell means you are never really alone: Friends are quickly made and our guests are quite amazing in the way they settle in and make Swell their home-from-home in a matter of hours. We constantly find that our guests take new people under their wing even before our staff have had the chance! Have a look at the gallery of the good times to get an idea of the vibe among the solo travellers.

  • Which day of the week do I need to arrive at Swell?

    You can arrive any day of the week with us; we don’t tie you down to Saturday or Sunday arrival. Just contact us to see if we have space for you for your chosen dates.

  • What is the average age of guests at Swell?

    We are proud to have a really broad age-spectrum: We’ve taught people ranging from 18 to 65 year olds to surf. In general, our average age is around 34 years old. If you are worried that you might be too old to learn to surf, don’t! Age doesn’t matter: All you need is the spirit and passion to give it a go. You’ll find that what binds Swell guests together is not being the same age, but loving the feeling of catching waves, being by the ocean, bare-feet in the sand and living in board shorts.

  • Can you tell me more about the room types and which is right for me?

    Remember that you are not paying only for the room, as your 7 night package includes airport transfers, 4 dinners, daily breakfast, surf beach transport and surf lessons/board rental. Swell's shared rooms are a budget option; take this room if you don't mind someone in 'your' space, don't mind sharing the room and bathroom/WC with guys or girls and don't need A/C. If any of the above makes you nervous; take a private room. All our rooms have shampoo, shower gel and conditioner in dispensers. We do not have hair dryers in any rooms.

  • Do the rooms have a safe?

    Yes, each private room and dorm bed has its own safe. Safes are not big enough for most laptops. Swell has a strictly guest-only policy for admittance to our premises, therefore, belongings are generally secure inside the camp.

  • What power sockets do you have; do I need an adaptor?

    Our power sockets are the same as the USA and Canada, so you will not need an adaptor if you are coming from either of those countries. If you are traveling from Europe, bring the same adaptors as if you were traveling to the USA.

  • Are there medical facilities in the DR and do I need immunisations/malaria pills?

    Yes, there are good doctors who speak English in and around Cabarete. The CMC hospital in Sosua is a 10 minute drive away and they have English speaking doctors and surgeons with good qualifications. Make sure you travel with a good travel insurance policy to cover you for any medical emergencies. No special shots are needed for a visit to the DR. Malaria is not a problem here. We do have mosquitos though and so to prevent mosquito bites, bring a good repellent, or buy some in the supermarket a short walk away from Swell.

  • Where can I get my laundry done?

    Close to Swell is a laundry where you can take your dirty clothes and they will charge you to wash, iron and fold your clothes, by the 1lb. Haudy, the Swell surf camp manager, will tell you exactly where it is.

  • What is the nightlife like in Cabarete?

    Cabarete is a very cool vibrant town, with a good variety of bars, all within a short walk from Swell. From lounge-type beach bars with live music, or no music, to thumping beach clubs with loud Reggaeton music, you can find what you are looking for to party into the early hours. Luckily, Swell is not affected as a rule from party noise!

  • I don’t want to surf, can I still stay at Swell?

    As we are a surf camp, we will always give priority to guests who are surfers or wanting to learn to surf or kite at Swell. However, you will be welcome if you come as a couple and one of you really doesn't want to surf (although you'll probably change your mind!)

  • I don’t want to stay at Swell, can I still surf with you?


  • Money questions

  • Which currency is used in Bali and where can I change money?

    The local currency is the Indonesia Rupee (currency code IDR). The airport has a currency exchange, but don’t change money there as their rates are very uncompetitive. There are several ATM machines at the airport and a 2 minute scooter drive from Swell in Bingin you will also find several ATM's

  • Can I use credit cards in Bali?

    Generally, don’t expect anyone to accept credit cards as payment: cash is king and credit cards will always incur some extra taxes (as much as 28%) on goods and services. At Swell your arrival balance must be paid in cash in either USD, or Indonesia Rupees , the same goes for your departure balance.

  • How much spending money will I need while I am at Swell?

    It is difficult for us to give you an exact figure as everyone has different spending patterns, but here is an idea of various items you might spend your money on: A local beer costs between $3 and $4 USD. A local lunch will cost you around $5 or $6 USD and for a dinner outside of Swell, expect to pay $10 to $15 USD.

  • Questions about surfing

  • What is the ratio of student to surf coach at Swell and do you do offer photo or video analysis?

    Swell has 2 or 3 full time surf coaches, depending on the season. Our place holds a maximum of 20 guests, but as we often have solo travellers in the private rooms, we are only at capacity during the most popular Holidays. Most weeks we have on average 12 guests staying, and not all are taking surf lessons. This means that during a typical learn to surf week, there will be around 8 to 10 guests in surf lessons with our surf coaches. Swell does not offer one-on-one coaching, photography or video analysis. There are often photographers down on the beach who will sell you some photos of you surfing.

  • Do you offer guided surf trips to other spots?

    No, we don’t: There are other breaks in the DR, some of them are world-class on their day. However, we know from years of experience living and surfing here that you must be a very competent surfer already to safely surf those spots, as they are often a long paddle out against strong currents. Unlike Encuentro, those other surfing spots also require a certain swell height and direction to make them worth a visit. We can certainly offer advice and help to expert surfers on where to go and when, if you are staying with us.

  • What do I need to bring for my surf course and how can I prepare?

    Here is a little list of essentials: *1 Sunscreen (at least SPF30 and waterproof) *2 A pair of board shorts; longer is better as you will protect your legs from a rash. *3 A rash-guard for when your surf course is over (during your course you must wear one of our Swell rash guards). *4 (Optional) Surf booties: Swell will provide you with reef booties but do bring your own if you prefer to wear shoes noone else’s feet have been inside! We also provide beach towels. Before you arrive at Swell, Clare will send you an email with links to follow to prepare for your surf course, including some great exercises you can do to improve upper body strength; essential for paddling and popping up.

  • Questions about food and drinks

  • Can you handle vegetarian/vegan/gluten free food?

    Whilst we do not have a team of chefs to cater to every whim, we are well used to catering for vegetarians, vegans and people with other food intolerances. We have a wide variety of ingredients to choose from and will always try our very best to cater for your needs if you tell us in advance, so just send us an email to see what your options are.

  • Can I drink the tap water and do you have a bar at Swell ?

    You don’t need to drink the tap water as Swell provides safe drinking water for free from a water cooler in our kitchen area:) We have a lovely honesty-system of self-service drinks at Swell: Guests help themselves to fairly-priced beers, sodas, wine, etc. from our drinks fridge and then they write those drinks on their own tab, paying at the end of your stay. You are welcome to bring in your own spirits and use the ice from our fridge to mix some killer-drinks! We have a plastic-free policy at the camp, so we limit our drinks for sale to those which can be re-cycled.

  • Can I cook my own food at Swell?

    No you cannot use the Swell kitchen at any time for preparation of food, nor use our fridge to store your food. If you wish to self -cater, Swell surf camp is not the right place for you. But, if you want to be looked after with truly delicious food (there’s a good reason why our guests have asked for a Swell surf camp recipe book to be published), and be within a few meters of a whole bunch of other restaurants, then do choose us for your surf vacation.

  • Questions about making a reservation at Swell

  • How do I make a reservation at Swell?

    Use our Contact Us page to send Clare an email with your preferred dates. We answer emails quickly and your email is guaranteed to reach us if you correctly enter your email address (sadly lots arrive with errors in the email address, so we can't respond). Once you are settled on your dates and tell us you are ready to book, Clare will hold the room or shared bed for you for a few hours to allow you to make the payment for your stay. Depending on how far in advance you are coming, it will be an 80% deposit, or full payment.

  • What if I need to cancel?

    We have a very strict cancellation policy: Refunds are not possible but we will give you an invoice so that you can make a claim on your travel insurance for reimbursement. A good travel insurance policy is essential; it is not wise to travel to a foreign country without one and it will come in handy if you have to cancel, cut short or extend your stay. It's also daft to travel on an active vacation without an insurance policy in place to protect you in case you were to get ill or be injured.

  • How far in advance do I need to book for a surf holiday at Swell?

    We can book up weeks and even months in advance: We recommend that you book at least 4 months in advance of your intended stay. Popular holidays can fill up even further in advance so if you know you want Swell to be your surf vacation choice go ahead and book early to avoid disappointment! Prices can often be cheaper the longer ahead you book.

  • Questions about other activities / excursions / yoga

  • I want to do other stuff than surfing whilst I am in Cabarete, how can I organise those things?

    We organise a variety of adventures for our own guests each week: Haudy, the manageress of the camp can organise canyoning, snorkelling, horse riding, kitesurfing, Yoga, massages, special dinners out and pretty much anything you have in mind. All excursions are best booked once you are in Cabarete and often all our guests go together to take part in these trips.

  • What type of Yoga do you do?

    Molly, our Yogi, is an Ashtanga practitioner. Our Yoga is relaxed and unpretentious: Molly's teaching style is warm and supportive and she encourages students to explore beyond their perceived limitations by emphasising proper alignment to maximise performance and prevent injuries. You do not have to be a regular practitioner of Yoga to take and enjoy a class at Swell.

  • When is the Yoga at Swell and can I add more classes?

    Monday, Wednesday and Friday afternoons at around 5pm. We don't have time for more Yoga at Swell as our guests are so often out and about doing all the other fun excursions on offer.


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