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Surfing and Yoga are a match made in heaven and it`s no accident that the two pair-up so well. Pre-surf stretching has been a vital part of surfing since forever: You’ll never see a surfer enter the water without doing some stretching first. Using limbs in a way that is alien to most other daily activities or sports can take its toll, even on bodies whose owners consider themselves to be quite fit ordinarily.

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Yoga in Bali

Get fit and flexible

Unless you are a seasoned swimmer, arms are not used to paddling as a rule, so shoulders can react unpleasantly to the demands of catching lots of waves.

Good Balance is an essential part of the surfing process. Yoga brings together many of the skills you will need to learn to surf well and perhaps most importantly, helps to stretch, relax, repair and tone aching limbs.

Swell Surf Camp Balance

Surf & Yoga

The power of yoga can transform lives

Most Yogis believe that the power of Yoga can transform lives. Every kind of Yoga is available in our region. Making a daily Yoga practise will enable you to explore beyond your perceived limitations, teaching proper alignment to maximise performance and prevent injury.

Surf & Yoga

Yoga classes close to us

At Swell, we can arrange the right Yoga for you. Several daily Yoga experiences are available within a short walk from our Bingin surf hotel. There are morning yoga classes available as well as afternoon yoga classes in Bingin, or in the Bingin area, such as Uluwatu and Padang Pdang

Come and join us in Bali for a healthy, relaxed Surf & Yoga Holiday. Eat well, surf great waves and meet new people on your Bali Surf & Yoga Holiday!



There are two main Yoga centres a short walk from Swell. Temple Lodge offers Hatha Flow Yoga on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday mornings from 8am until 9.30am. Vinyasa Flow Yoga is on Tuesdays, Fridays and Sundays at the same time. On Saturday you can find Yin Yang Practise, also at 8am. Classes at Temple Lodge are 120,000 Rupiah (around $12AUD/$8.50USD)

The Cashew Tree/Bali Training centre has a Yoga class at 8.30am Wednesday through Saturday.


Our Surf & Camps (or retreats) are ideal for people who have never surfed before and want to learn surfing combined with Yoga on their Balinese Surf Yoga Retreat. See the learn to surf programs on details about the surf lesson package
Swell will be the first purpose built yoga surf retreat in Bali


I would like to visit lots of surf spots; does Swell Bali offer surf guiding?

You can access Bingin Beach, Dreamland and Impossibles via a short walk from Swell Bali to Bingin Beach (200 meters). Our partner surf schools offer guided surf trips to other spots, catering to your surf level (see the question about surf levels below). This might be visiting Uluwatu, Balangan, Padang-Padang (advanced surfers) Baby-Padang-Padang or inside Balangan for beginner and intermediate surfers. We can also organize trips to Serangan and Nusa Dua in wet season, where you can still find some epic waves to suit all surf levels.

Boat trips to find the breaks at Jimbaran, Airport Lefts and Rights are also possible right from our local Bingin beach. Surf guiding prices vary, depending on whether you are a group wishing to find surf spots or a single person who is needing not only a surf guide but also perhaps some surf coaching. Please contact us to see what your options are.

I am a complete beginner surfer; can I get surf lessons whilst staying at Swell Bali?

We work with a couple of different, very good surf schools who teach beginner, novice and intermediate surf lessons: We have a local surf school down at our local Bingin Beach, where you can learn to surf on the higher tides in great beginner/novice/intermediate waves. We also work with a surf school based out of Balangan Beach, about 20 minutes from us. Both of those schools will teach you to surf safely and make sure you have fun whilst learning!

How many surf spots are there in Bali?

Bali is blessed with so many different surf spots, we can’t name them all here. But we will first mention the ones you can get to by foot from our front door and then a paddle; main peak Bingin (fast, barrelling left-hander, experts only), inside Bingin; smaller right and left-handers suitable for intermediates on a higher tide and beginner surfers too. Impossibles; fantastic long left hander, works on high and low tides; intermediates, advanced and expert surfers. Dreamland Beach; lefts and rights on three different peaks; low tide only; intermediates, advanced and experts. If you are a very fit paddler, you can even get to Padang Padang from our place, both the epic barrelling big Padang and the awesome smaller beginner/novice waves at Baby Padang. If not (and novice/beginners won’t be), then it’s less than 10 minutes on a scooter (easily hired here). Balangan Beach is a 10-minute scooter ride for a left-handed point/reef break. Balangan also has great beginner and intermediate surf. The famous Uluwatu is only a 10-minute scooter ride from us (advanced and expert surfers only). Further afield (25 minutes on a scooter) you will find Pandawa, Green Bowl and Nyang Nyang (advanced/experts). Sanur and the breaks around there (has surf for all levels) can be reached from Swell Bali in half an hour/40 minutes by scooter or car. We can arrange car/van transport too if you don’t want to go by scooter.

Is Swell Bali a surf resort?

Yes, Swell Bali has been designed as a specialist surf resort by surfers, for surfers. We know exactly what surfers are looking for in accommodation as we surf ourselves. You want a very comfortable, clean room with nice sheets and pillows, A/C and a spotlessly clean bathroom, you want some other surfers to hang out with, a pool table to shoot some pool, a ping-pong table, a games area, a bar to order a drink, a huge pool and a couple of hammocks to relax in after you’ve been surfing. The ideal surf resort also has great food and a big dining table to enjoy your breakfasts and surf stories with others.

How do I know what my surf level is?

It’s not really how long you have been surfing, but what you can do on the wave: We have the following scale to try and help you decide whether you are beginner, novice, intermediate, advanced or expert.
Beginner: You’ve never surfed before, or maybe you have taken one or two surf lessons. You can either just about stand up on the surfboard, or you have never even tried. You need help with your pop-up, wave selection and paddling to get into a wave.
Novice: You’ve done several surf lessons, or surf camps, but you still need help in the water. You are not a strong paddler and need help to get into a wave. You may be riding ok in a straight line, but may not yet be turning the surfboard.
Intermediate: You don’t need help catching waves and are able to paddle into a green wave independently. You are able to turn the board on the wave and can ride along the green face.
Note: Many people who are really Novice surfers will call themselves Intermediate because they have had a few surf lessons before: you are not an intermediate surfer unless you are catching waves unaided. If you still need to be pushed into a wave, or you can’t yet turn the board to ride the green face, you are still considered by to be a Novice.
Advanced: You are easily catching larger waves, doing top and bottom turns and adding other skills.
Expert: You are going out in double over-head +, hitting the lip, getting barrelled, doing 360’s (Experts; we really don’t need to tell you).

What are your surf instructors like?

The surf guides and surf instructors we work with are all good surfers themselves. But that’s not all; not every good surfer makes a good surf instructor. The surf schools we work with know the difference between giving the instruction ‘paddle, paddle, stand up!’ and actually explaining how to do it successfully. We also work with excellent surf coaches who can give one-on-one intermediate lessons, to help you if you are stuck at a particular phase of your surfing skills. You can be confident about either learning to surf or improving your surf skills with our partner schools.

Is all surf equipment included within the surf lessons?

Surfboard, leash, rashguard/lycra, and wax are all included within a beginner surf lesson. If you are a beginner or novice surfer, you will first ride a soft-top surfboard, which is very forgiving for those first inevitable falls into the water. Bringing surf booties with you on your surf holiday to Bali is a good idea as a lot of the beginner surf is over reef. If you are looking for intermediate surf lessons, you might want to use your own surfboard, but the schools can also provide one for you.

Can I have a private surf lesson?

Yes, the surf schools we work with can do either a group surf lesson or an individual surf lesson. Bookings in advance are normally required for individual surf lessons as spaces are limited.

I have some surf experience, should I still take a lesson or is surf guiding enough?

At Swell, because we are a surf resort, we have a surf report each evening; around 5pm, our staff will be giving our guests the surf forecast and tide information for all the local spots. They will be able to give advice on where you should head to surf the following day, based on your surf level (see above). However, if you are surfing unfamiliar surf spots, we always recommend taking at least a guide with you for the first few days. Knowing which spot to surf, how big the waves will be if they are really suitable for you and what time to go for the best tide, will give you the best possible surf holiday experience. Getting it wrong can be costly in terms of wasted surf time and at worse, injury.

If you are a beginner, sign up for a beginner surf lessons course with our partner surf school. They will collect you from Swell and take you to where they know you will have a fun, safe and productive surf lesson. The same goes for you if you are somewhere between Novice and Intermediate; being with someone who knows the wave, where to sit and when to paddle, will save you a huge amount of frustration. See our surf level guide above for where to place your surf skill level (and always underestimate your ability!). A surf lesson, unless you are already an advanced surfer, is never a waste of time or money in our opinion.

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    Never surfed before? Swell can organize learn to surf lessons for you. Want to discover semi-secret surfing spots of the beaten track: surf guiding can be organized too with our Bali Surf Camp Guides.

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